Dr. Jim Karagiannis  Jim has had a career in Chiropractic for over 26 years, owning practices in both rural areas and capital cities. He has worked with families, elite athletes and people of all ages and stages of life and health. Jim has worked in very remote parts of Australia and now in inner Melbourne. He has had a career supporting his clients to achieve their best version of themselves.  In recent years Jim has become a coach for the profession and he is passionate about supporting all to find their Purpose, daring to dream, and take action.

Dr. Bettina Tornatora has been in practice for 26 years.  She is passionate about Chiropractic and its impact on greater health. She loves communicating the chiropractic message and the ripple effect of doing that in an outstanding way. Dr Bettina loves watching families that enjoy Chiropractic care thrive and creating an educational environment that empowers clients to ask great questions about their health.  Bettina has co-authored two books that are designed to educate and empower those who read them. She speaks regularly to groups inside and out of the practice and for the profession of chiropractic. As a coach and mentor, Bettina is passionate about supporting her clients to thrive in their practices, and create and live their ideal lives.

Dr Greer Watson is a highly qualified and experienced Chiropractor. Graduating from RMIT in 2004 Greer has practiced extensively in Australia and Overseas, building a wealth of experience and skills to maximise and tailor care to her clients specific needs. Until recently Greer has been running her own Chiropractic and Allied Health clinic in Williamstown and is looking forward to clarifying her focus to her two favourite things in life; her Family and Chiropractic. Oh, and good food!
Dr Greer is passionate about educating and empowering her clients to move towards health and make active choices in their own Wellbeing. To Dr Greer health is a journey and an interactive process, not unlike a “Choose your own adventure book” and believes this is something where the more information you have the better decisions you can make.
A mum of two herself she is especially passionate about caring for women throughout pregnancy and in the post-partum period.  Greer loves caring for families and has gone on to complete a 3year Diplomate Program in Paediatrics. Her additional training spans not only the newborn phase but also through childhood and into adolescence.
Dr Greer is a proud member of Australian Chiropractic Association.  And is a current sitting board member of the Sacro-Occipital Technique of Australia, a technique many of you have experienced in our practice.