BOTOX Cosmetic is a minimally invasive procedure that has proven to be a safe and cost-effective approach to reversing the signs of aging and rejuvenating facial features.

What is BOTOX Cosmetic?

BOTOX Cosmetic is an injectable medication that can reduce wrinkles on the face by freezing or relaxing the underlying facial muscles. Derived from botulinum toxin type A, it is FDA approved for patients who want to decrease the signs of aging. This biocompatible injectable works by preventing communication between the nerves and muscles that contract with smiling, laughter, and frowning. Over time, as these facial muscles contract, they tend to cause permanent grooves. Preventing this motion can decrease the appearance of current lines and wrinkles, and prevent future ones from developing. For a dramatic rejuvenation, BOTOX Cosmetic can be incorporated with other cosmetic procedures, such as a face lift or non-invasive laser treatments.

Candidates for Treatment

BOTOX Cosmetic is a popular procedure for patients looking for a nonsurgical approach to smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. This cosmetic treatment is beneficial for patients who:

  • Have crow’s feet around their eyes
  • Have fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead and in between the eyes
  • Have nasolabial folds (smile lines)
  • Are in good overall health
  • Not pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Do not have a neuromuscular disorder